Tech Support Scams

What are tech support scams?Have you ever received a suspicious pop-up message or phone call about an “issue” on your computer?If so, you were the target of a tech support scam. These scams are a popular type of fraud involving cybercriminals who imitate a reputable company and attempt to convince you of a technical issue […]

Baby Steps

Looking To Improve Your Personal Life? Embrace the Kaizen Philosophy Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy centered around continuous improvement. It involves making small, incremental changes to processes, systems and behaviors to enhance efficiency, quality and productivity over time. For example, a healthcare provider may use kaizen to improve patient wait times by analyzing the […]


Do you have a financial plan that will help you send your kids to college, take the tripsyou’ve dreamed about, and enjoy your golden years? If not, you may want to startplanning now.Creating a financial plan may help you avoid the financial insecurity experienced by morethan 15 million Americans aged 65 and older (approximately one-third […]

Maximizing Your Retirement Income

Doing Some Tax Planning Now Can Pay Off Later in Retirement For many people, retirement is not a time to slow down and stop. It’s a time to explore the next great chapters of your life and build upon everything you’ve learned and experienced so far.  Another thing that doesn’t slow down or stop is […]

The Two Faces of Debt

Understanding Good Versus Bad Debt Can Help You Make Smart Financial Moves Credit card debt is a huge challenge for many people. According to Debt.org, Americans owe $986 billion on credit cards, surpassing the prepandemic high of $927 billion. While credit card debt is considered “bad debt,” it’s important to understand other types of debt […]

Cleared For Takeoff

Planning To Retire Within Five Years or so? Include These Three Exercises in Your Flight Plan You’re first step is to get the most comprehensive, clear and accurate picture of your annual expenses that you can. For reference, collect your credit card statements and checking/savings account statements from the past 12 months (most banks and […]


If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or unable to come up with creative ideas at work, you may want to take a walk. Your doctor probably won’t prescribe walks for you, but “Walking is the closest thing we have to a wonder drug,” according to Dr. Thomas Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control […]


Inflation, market fluctuations, and uncertainties about Social Security raise concerns Retirement is supposed to be our “golden years,” but many Americans worry there will be nothing “golden” about it—and they might even have to cut back and scrape by to pay their bills (or keep working). NerdWallet reported in 2023 that 27% of Americans saved […]

Get Into Your Rhythm

Get Into Your Rhythm Your Body’s Clock Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Ever wonder why you feel out of whack some days? Maybe you lack an appetite for some reason, or feel like you’re just too tired to get out of bed in the morning. Or perhaps you feel slightly overheated or chilled […]


Description With its four distinct parts, Medicare can be an alphabet soup of complexity. We provide an overview of the various components and how they impact your healthcare costs. Body Medicare is available to virtually all U.S. citizens and legal residents 65 years of age and over who have previously worked and paid U.S. taxes […]